What to do after 12th science pcm other than engineering

What to do after 12th science pcm other than engineering

  career options after 12th science pcm other than engineering the majority of the students after 12th science with pcm combination tend to join engineering blindly. Engineering is a good choice with a lot of job opportunities in it. But it is important to identify your skills and interests before choosing any career.

  other than engineering, science and management, 12th science stream students are also eligible to pursue law education (the integrated format).

A student with maths-science in 12th standard has a multiple career options available to pursue. Majority of these students opt engineering as their career, which itself has vast career options and fields. But there are many opportunities for pcm students after completing their 12 th other than engineering.

  following are some selected job-oriented courses, you may pursue after doing your xii with science stream diploma in animation and multimedia diploma in print media journalism.

12th science stream students are eligible to pursue these courses. 12th science stream students have access to many computer science courses.

  after finishing 12th science stream schooling, one may go for undergraduate b.

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What to do after 12th science pcm other than engineering

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