What are the three secret passwords in pokemon ultra sun

What are the three secret passwords in pokemon ultra sun

  head into master guzmas room to challenge him to a pokemon battle. Beating guzma allows you to progress further along the main story.

Your adventure in pokémon ultra sun and pokémon ultra moon will eventually lead you to the shady house in po town, after team skull steals a yungoos from a young girl at aether house.

  so you think the passwords are beat up, golisopod, and tapu cocoa! Are you sure about that? More pokémon sun and moon guides all legendary pokémon locations in pokémon sun and moon all mega stone locations in pokémon sun and moon all photo spot locations in pokémon sun and moon all pokémon found with island scan in pokémon sun.

Beat up, kapu cocoa, and goliso-whatever are the answers, but theres a fourth afterwards.

  pokemon ultra sun and ultra moon - guzma mansion password - youtube.

3) tapu cocoa 4) no wait they changed it? It used to be golisopod, tapu cocoa and something else.

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What are the three secret passwords in pokemon ultra sun

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