Veronica reynolds ucla

Veronica reynolds ucla

Veronica reynolds is co-founder of the ucla blockchain lab, in los angeles, california.

  veronica reynolds, a ucla law student and co-founder of the lab, said one of the labs objectives is to explore how blockchain technology can solve.

  veronica reynolds comprehensive and extensive experience in digital media and technology provides a firm foundation for her legal work in the technology ecosystem, which encompasses blockchain and digital payments, data privacy and protection, cybersecurity, intellectual property, and emerging technologies.

Veronica reynolds associate bakerhostetler, co-founder of blockchainucla. Fox author of the gnu bash shell, technology cofounder of orchid labs, and founder of opus logica.

We would also like to recognize alumni who played a big role in keeping blockchain at ucla a relevant organization andrew raunau.

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Reynolds 330199 license status active address baker & hostetler llp, 11601 wilshire blvd ste 1400, los angeles, ca 90025 phone fax email tibylnnulkugi.

Ethnomusicology reviewestablished as pacific review of ethnomusicology in 1984, ethnomusicology review is the graduate student publication of the ucla department of ethnomusicology. It is edited by graduate students and refereed by a faculty advisory board. Funding for the journal is provided by gsa publications at ucla.

Location department code email updater name extension architecture & urban design 003300 corbett, jason 74763 architecture & urban design 003300 garcia, geovani.

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Veronica reynolds ucla

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