Valutakurser euro kroner

Valutakurser euro kroner

Current exchange rate euro (eur) to norwegian krone (nok) including currency converter, buying & selling rate and historical conversion chart.

On wednesday, the national currency (nok) continued to appreciate with respect to the euro. Thusly, the nb has shown an exchange rate of 9,9848 krone for the euro and of 8,3172 krone for the american dollar.

  table of 1 swedish krona to euro exchange rate updated 050521 2326.

The advanced currency conversion tool allows you to convert the entered amount against the norges banks (nb) past and present exchange rates. In addition, you can also see the total amount with vat included, as well as the amount of the vat.

Med det menes, at kursen p euroen og danske kroner altid skal ligge forholdsvis tt p hinanden. Én euro () vil derfor typisk have samme vrdi som 7,46 danske kroner.

Det betyr at kursen p den danske kronen skal holde seg s nr 7,46 euro som mulig. Bruker man en valutakalkulator skal én euro alts helst koste rundt 7,46 danske kroner.

Published 27 february 2012 alle belp som fres i selvangivelsen og i skjemaer som er vedlegg til selvangivelsen skal omregnes til norske kroner.

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Valutakurser euro kroner

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