S8 hidden features

S8  hidden features

Surprise! Bet you didnt know you could do these things with your galaxy s8 or s8 plus.

  watch this video to see the best hidden samsung galaxy s8 features! Including over 10 hidden features, tops and tricks for your samsung galaxy s8!earn free g.

  then, tap on the three dot menu button on the top-right, and tap on send. From the screen that slides up, select always on display , and then tap on pin to always on display.

  head to the s8s settings menu and then tap advanced features, followed by one-handed mode.

During the lock screen or always-on mode, you can get quick access to certain widgets like music controller, scheduling or alarm. Just double tap the clock on the screen to access the so-called face widgets.

  samsungs brand new flagship smartphones the galaxy s8 and s8 plus are enjoying a lot of attention, with pre-orders and sales skyrocketing, and almost everyone giving them highly positive reviews. The smartphones bring a ton of great features, and while a lot of them are fairly obvious, there are some hidden features and tricks that arent that obvious.

  to use this feature, you need to dig into the connection settings first. You will find the setting under settings connections bluetooth menu dual audio.

Since galaxy s8 is the first samsung phone with on-screen navigation buttons, thankfully you can rearrange them the way you were used to with your other brands of android phones. Heres how you do it settings app - display - navigation bar.

  samsung galaxy s8 5 actual hidden tips one super secret feature! - youtube.

All secret codes of samsung galaxy s8 and galaxy s8 06 0011, 32489 (service mode) 9090 (diagnostic information) 9900 (system dump mode) 7412365 (camera firmware std menu) 0228 (to get battery status) 12580369 (to check software and hardware information) 27673855 (full factory reset (no confirmation)).

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S8  hidden features

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S8  hidden features

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