Publix stock symbol

Publix stock symbol

The chart below reflects publixs stock price over the past five years. Move your mouse pointer over a bar on the chart to display the stock price and its effective date. 11012015 03012016 05012016 08012016 11012016 03012017 05012017 08012017 11012017 03012018 05012018 08012018 11012018 03012019 05012019.

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Our common stock is not publicly traded on a stock exchange, so it does not have a ticker symbol. Only eligible active associates and members of our board of directors can purchase publix stock during designated offering periods. The opportunity to own publix stock is a unique benefit for our associates, and it perpetuates the publix culture.

Publix stock is not publicly traded and is made available for sale only to current publix.

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Publix stock symbol

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Publix stock symbol

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