Nemo chogori 2 review

Nemo chogori 2 review

  nemo chogori tent review unlike a traditional double-wall tent, the chogori (750) doesnt require the process of setting up the body, laying the fly on top, and sandwiching poles in between.

Nemo equipment chogori 2 person dome tent review optimumtents.

  nemo is one of the rock stars of the advmoto community, and were huge fans.

  this four-season tent delivers the first big innovation in mountaineering tents in decades. The integrated fly and external pole structure allows for set-up in half the time, a valuable time savings in extreme weather. This innovation also trims weight by 25, while maintaining category-leading ventilation, vestibule space, and guy-out options.

  there are a few final functionality and durability losses worth mentioning that allow the drop in the chogoris weight. First, silicone-impregnated nylon is lighter than thicker nylon, but is noticeably more flimsy.

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Nemo chogori 2 review

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