My fbs personal area

My fbs personal area

Your personal area at fbs is a place where you can manage your accounts and your interaction with fbs. Here you can change your profile settings, make deposit and withdrawal requests, download trading platforms. Lets explore this area! Your name will be shown in the upper panel as well.

Access all your complex personal data involved in trading and manage funds from any place around the globe. With the info arranged concisely and comprehensively, your daily deals will be both simple and profitable.

Your personal area at fbs is a place where you can manage your accounts and your interaction with fbs. Here you can open accounts of different types, make deposit and withdrawal requests, see the info about contests, promotions and bonuses and download trading platforms.

Verification is necessary for work safety, prevention of unauthorized access to the personal data and funds stored on your fbs account, and smooth withdrawal. Here are four steps to verify your personal area click on your avatar on top of the page and choose profile settings. In the verification section click on id verification or follow.

Enter your email and password to access the fbs personal area.

There, please, enter the e-mail address your personal area is registered with and click the confirm button after that, you will receive the e-mail with a password recovery link. You will be forwarded to the page where you can enter your new personal area password and then confirm it.

Verification is necessary for work safety, prevention of unauthorized access to the personal data and funds stored on your fbs account, and smooth withdrawal. Here are four steps to verify your personal area log into your personal area and click on the verify identity button in the dashboard.

In order to withdraw money from your fbs accounts and make a deposit with a bank card, you need to verify your profile. Verification also helps to ensure the security of your personal data and monetar.

When will my personal area be verified? Please, kindly be informed that you can check the status of your verification request on the verification page in your personal area. As soon as your request is accepted or rejected, the status of your request will change.

The articles of association can be sent by email to supportfbs. The country stated in profile settings of the personal area should be defined by the country of the company registration. It is possible to deposit and withdraw via corporate accounts and personal accounts of the ceo.

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My fbs personal area

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