Mississippi deferred comp

Mississippi deferred comp

Mississippi deferred compensation (mdc) mdc is a voluntary supplemental tax-deferred retirement savings plan offered through pers to all state employees, elected officials, employees of participating political subdivisions, and independent contractors of the.

Eligibility all employees regardless of benefits eligible status.

The mississippi deferred compensation plan & trust (mdcpt), offered through the mississippi public employees retirement system (pers), is a supplemental retirement savings plan authorized under section 457 of the internal revenue code and enacted by the mississippi state legislature. Participation in the plan is available to all state employees,.

  part 220 pers, deferred compensation plan & trust mississippi government employees deferred compensation plan and trust for employees of the state of mississippi and its political subdivisions sponsored by the state of mississippi administered by the public employees retirement system of mississippi effective january 1, 2021.

Mississippi deferred compensation plan (financial planning consultants & services) is a financial advisory firm in jackson, mississippi. This financial advisor is listed on financial advisory firms under financial advisory services - financial planning consultants & services. You can reach us on phone number (601) 969-2064, fax number or email.

Dear mrpea members, most of you are aware that the administrator for the deferred comp program at pers has been changed to great-west beginning this year. When the contract with the previous administrator (sbaing) expired, they were not able to renew the contract and continue providing the same.

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Access channel for employees (ace) public employees retirement system of ms (pers) mississippi deferred compensation.

4551 contact mdc by email for your protection, do not send social security numbers or any personal information via e-mail.

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Mississippi deferred comp

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