Https bitsane com

Https bitsane com

In 2016, bitsane rolled out the most sophisticated platform that the industry has seen to date. Bitsane delivers an online tool (the platform) allowing users to freely trade between many different virtual currencies (cryptocurrency).

  bitsane had 246,000 registered users according to its website as of may 30, the last time its homepage was saved on the internet archives wayback machine.

  bitsane exchange later clarified that due to technical reasons caused withdrawals to be temporarily disabled. It is no longer possible to access the website of this exchange. The website including all social media accounts of bitsane and its partner exchange anybits was apparently deleted on .

Levy stated victims of the collapsed irish cryptocurrency exchange bitsane are still awaiting justice as the irish national authorities have accomplished little or nothing to trace the disappearance of a massive trove of cryptocurrency from bitsanes 246,000 registered users.

  bitsane, an ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange, has reportedly vanished along with the deposits of up to 246,000 users. According to forbes, users have been experiencing failures in may with the exchange responding that withdrawals were temporarily disabled due to technical reasons. By the middle of june, the companys site and all associated social media accounts had been disabled.

Bitsale introducing the safest and simplest way to get bitcoins.

  bitsane provides a detailed range of trading information to suit advanced users. You can also find a range of more straightforward essential information, such as market depth charts to help you plan your next move. Any questions? You might find your answers in the detailed bitsane help centre.

They are shutdown the site last 3 days and they are delete their details from fb and google. Its massive theft and azbit also same bitsane but different name.

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Https bitsane com

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