How to be a money changer

How to be a money changer

  to exchange currency, start by visiting a local bank at home and telling them you want to exchange currency. Smaller banks may not have the currency you need on hand, so be sure to call a few weeks in advance in case they need to order the money. Alternatively, you can exchange currency abroad by visiting an atm and making a withdrawal.

Quite often the terms buy and sell are used the other way round by a bureau de change, and the buy rate may seem higher that the sell rate in such cases, it means we buysell our local currency at the rate showed (examples from google images).

Make sure the place at which you exchange your money will exchange it back for you.

  i am trying to figure out a more efficient way of converting money into change.

  add the amount paid by counting up as you put the money down 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120 and six cents.

Include the cost of earning one -- such as testing fees, classes, required meeting attendance -- in your career-change budget.

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How to be a money changer

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