Gw2 character slot expansion sale

Gw2 character slot expansion sale

  read on to learn about this weekends savings and sales! Sale character slot expansions! From now until 1159 p.

Its so much fun to have so many slots, create different characters with different builds, weapons, armors, appearance and now the elite specs. A few examplesive got ascalonian, canthan and elonian human characters.

Character slot expansion is an upgrade available from the gem store.

Last on sale in august, 19-20th for 30 off, most likely to be discounted this years anniversary sale as well. Small chance one of the sales between may see them discounted.

  the path of fire preparation pack contains 1 character slot, 2 bag slot expansions, 1 black lion instant level-80 ticket, 1 unbreakable gathering tools container, and 10 black lion chest keys. Instantly boost one character to maximum level and take on everything tyria has to offer right away.

  its all stuff weve been asking for since years ago, but the character sale makes the sting fresh. If theres one thing gw2 frequently shines on, its quality of life improvements, so i have my fingers crossed that this is on the quiet surprise list.

No one know the date for this sale, but, just wait, maybe near the expansion release anet put character slot in sale, for the revenant u know.

An access key that adds a new character slot to an existing guild wars account. This item enables you to add a new character to your account, with full access to all of the content your current characters enjoy.

  gw2 gemstore is having a 24 sale on character slots, storage expander and some other items.

A game serial code for account creation or upgrade for the guild wars 2 path of fire expansion. Get immediate access to the core guild wars 2 game upon redemption of a guild wars 2 path of fire serial code and play today.

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Gw2 character slot expansion sale

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Gw2 character slot expansion sale

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