Free smarty tunes

Free smarty tunes

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  smarty udc is an addition to the already existing smarty tuners. This means that the tuning software can be used with any smarty product, both already sold or new. In addition to the previous features there is now the possibility for the customer to program the smarty with his own modified parameters to fine tune his truck.

Smarty is the 1 dodge cummins diesel performance product over a standard dodge cummins power chip, dodge cummins chip, dodge performance chip or dodge ram chip. Mads smarty programmer, smarty diesel tuner, smarty chip, smarty downloader, smarty programer, s-67, s-06 pod, j-06, s-03 all ship free.

Download user manuals, drivers, and software smarty tuner downloads.

  actually you are able to use the udc custom tuning with a jr. However your jr lacks the rail pressure tables that can be adjusted.

  this is a how-to guide with audio on how to update your smarty tuner with udc software.

Please select the product and click on the picture to enter the download page. To identify exactly your smarty, please check the serial number in the white label the first characters of the serial number identify the smarty model s02.

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Free smarty tunes

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