Dragons den bitcoin scam uk

Dragons den bitcoin scam uk

  a bitcoin scam website is using dragons den stars to dupe people out of their money adverts for the fake bitcoin trader platform were placed on the bbc and the guardian mirror.

  dragons den star deborah meaden previously spoke out about fraudulent investment websites claiming to be endorsed by her bitcoin scams rising as fraudsters use celebrities to tempt victims.

  martin lewis warns of dangerous bitcoin scam as this morning caller tricked.

  fake ads using dragons den and myself as clickbait then directing to a bitcoin site are a scam, meaden wrote. Dont click, or it feeds the ugly and definitely dont give them money.

Bitcoin compass is another old scam that is being falsely associated with the dragons den. Scammers will tell you that this trading app earned the trust of the dragons and that they started trading bitcoin with it.

  today we look at a terrible dragons den scam which is linked to the bitcoin trader scam. Update ive tested this scam with real money in this vid http.

  martin lewis spoke about bitcoin and cryptocurrency scams on this morning (image getty itv) if theyve got deborah meaden in it, theyre scams.

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Dragons den bitcoin scam uk

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