Catalyst zombies bo4

Catalyst zombies bo4

The catalysts zombies are a special variant of zombie with elemental powers that appear in call of duty black ops 4 zombie mode on voyage of despair, ix, dead of the night, and ancient evil. Within voyage of despair each respective type of catalyst can drop a part for the distillery sill allowing the kraken to fire the respective element distilled.

  welcome back to another video everyone! In this video i am going to be explaining to everyone what these new elemental zombies are, what maps theyre on, and.

  hey everyone here is another tutorial showing how to complete the stop 3 catalyst transformations challenge in call of duty black ops 4 zombies in the map.

  in this video i am gonna show you how you complete the challenge stop 3 catalyst transformations challenge! In black ops 4 zombies ix.

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  heres a fast way to earn the more then one way calling card in bo4 zombiespurge the blight httpsyoutu.

Good morning you beautiful people! Today i go over a hidden meta-strategy of a new zombie mechanic here in black ops 4 zombies.

18 rounds ive been on the challenge and there is legit not one catalyst zombie.

Kill catalyst zombies using the corresponding reactive aat for the one person out there that cares about this challenge heres how to do it. Firstly you must use a weapon without attachments (must be a bug) and kill catalyst zombies with these alternate ammo types.

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Catalyst zombies bo4

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