Best healthy options at trader joe's

Best healthy options at trader joe's

  if you love avocados, pick them up at trader joes! We go through avocados quickly so i love picking up a bag and these teeny tiny avocados are my new obsession. Theyre the perfect size for one portion (no leftover avo getting brown in the fridge) and so darn cute.

  a key to sticking with the healthy items is to shop the perimeter of any trader joes store, says nutritionist and holistic health coach, jen silverman. This lets you stick with the fresher items, such as fruit, vegetables, yogurt, meat, and fish, since packaged, preservative-rich, shelf-stable items are always located in the center aisles.

  edamame is one of the most beloved appetizers or crowd-friendly snacks for any home cookbut trader joes just made it that much easier by shelling the edamame, which reduces overall sodium counts drastically. A whole cup of this edamame is just 200 calories and mere 10mg of sodium, making it the best choice for a healthy starter.

Keep one (or a few) on your countertop so you can add healthy garnishes to pastas, entrees and salads.

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Best healthy options at trader joe's

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Best healthy options at trader joe's

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